College Pro Testimonial - Connor AylwinPictured: Connor (right) with peer Matt Rudy and coach Leighton Healey.


My first year with College Pro Painters has completely changed my life. What I took away first and foremost was leadership experience. This was not something  taught in a classroom by College Pro Painters directly, rather it was learned through my experience.  I underwent a ton of personal growth, learning and maturity over the course of one summer. Being looked up to and relied upon by your own staff is something that completely changes your paradigm. Also, having clients you need to provide a service for forces you to be fully dependable and true to your word – after all, they pay your bills. These attributes that played into running a successful business at College Pro Painters are transferable to all aspects of my life, and have made me a much more efficient student. The learning curve is steep out of necessity – the summer months in which the business operates are short.  You are forced to become a better leader for your own livelihood. I owe much of who I am today to College Pro Painters for selecting me and engaging me in an environment where I am a leader. Because of this, I now feel as though I am someone I never thought I had the ability to be.


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