Entrepreneur Spotlight - Sharid KhanSchool: Grant McEwan University

Program: Business Management

Territory: Riverbend, Edmonton AB

College Pro History2010 Painter,

2011 – 13 Franchise Owner

Crews Operating: 4

Trending: Platinum Award


Sharid’s CP Story:

4 years ago, Sharid moved to Canada from Bangladesh.  He got a job quickly when he arrived but felt he could do a lot more, and was ultimately limited by the parameters of the job.  Lightbulb moment: Sharid realized he wanted something where he could do things his own way… and the Entrepreneurial flame was lit.

In the summer of 2010, Sharid got involved with College Pro as a painter.  He was in high demand that summer and ended up working for a handful of different franchise owners in different parts of the city.  Following that first summer, Sharid took the leap to run his own College Pro business.  Initially this was to pay for his education – then he started to see the growth potential for the future.  He’s now 3 years into running the business and feels he’s gotten more experience out of his business than he has at school.

Back in 2010 while working as a painter, Sharid thought the managers he worked for weren’t necessarily that busy.  His perception was that they drove around and enjoyed free time through the day while their crews ‘busted their butts’.  Fast forward to today, and his perspective has totally changed after 3 years as an owner himself.  He is constantly busy with the demands of marketing his business, training and managing his teams, ensuring customer’s satisfaction and managing the finances – all while trying to double his business from the 2012 season might I add.   

The most pivotal skill & experience for Sharid: Self Confidence.  He’s seen major development here through hiring, training and managing his crews as well as selling to his customers and ensuring their satisfaction.  He sees this as a skill that isn’t necessarily nurtured at school where your primary concern is finals.

Time management and scheduling have also been impacted.  Sharid has been a full-time student during his entire time with College Pro, and he’s extended his business operations into the school term – meaning, this guy has a lot on his plate!

So what about the future for Sharid?  He’d like to run a business, and says it will likely be in construction.  He’s also hoping to combine forces with his brother (studying culinary arts) to open a restaurant down the road.  So he’s getting experience now, running a painting company, which he’ll translate into the construction and restaurant industries.

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