By: Connor – College Pro Entrepreneur, Edmonton AB

The Customer Cure

One of my favourite parts of running a College Pro Franchise is the people I get to work with, and I am not just referring to my colleagues. The customers that I do work for make my days much more enjoyable, and also make the process feel much more rewarding. When College Pro refers to the “experience” of working with us, they mean it. I take this super seriously in my business, and spending time with my customers can really turn a bad week into a good one.

People get their houses painted for so many reasons, and, behind each reason is a story. When you really learn why they want to paint, beyond the fact that a fascia board is peeling, not only is the customer more likely to choose you, but an immense amount of meaning is placed behind the project. One of my projects from this past week was painting the interior because the customer’s son and grand-daughter were visiting from the East Coast and she wanted it to be perfect for them. I was also invited to go over and meet them both once they arrive!

These connections and relationships definitely make the difference for me, but, more importantly, for my customers. We are not just painting contractors. We are young, energetic people that come into their homes to do a paint job, but I always work to provide them with much more.

Like many other College Pro Entrepreneurs, I am not planning a career in the trades, and I often wonder why I do this when I get paint on expensive clothes [note to file: do not wear good clothing on a jobsite, ever]. But the relationship building it teaches is something that I know I can take and apply in any field, and weeks like these make me realize how important it is to me.

This is also when I see how it impacts my customers, and that is the best feeling.

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